ARG Personnel by Tenure Status, as of September 2018

Note: Figures refer to personnel in the Executive and Legislative branch of the ARMM.

Sources: ARMM-RPDO using data of various agencies and offices of the ARG including the Regional Assembly

Status of Irrigation Systems and Irrigable Areas in ARMM, in hectares, as of 2016


Source: ARMM-RPDO using PSA data

ODA Grants and Loans Implemented within the ARMM, in million US dollars, 2007-2018



1. Figures refer to ODA projects in the ARMM that are not necessarily managed or implemented by the ARG,

2.Figures for 2018 cover only the 1st semester.

 Source: NEDA central office

Data Management Efforts of the ARG, as of November 2018

Source:  ARMM-RPDO using raw data of various offices of the ARG

ARMM-DepEd’s ‘Ghost-Busting’ Accomplishments, 2011-2017

Note: No assessment done for school years 2014-2015 and 2015-2016

Source:  ARMM-DepEd

ARMM-HELPS Accomplishments, as of December 2018

  Source: ARMM-RPDO using the ARMM-HELPS raw data

ARMM-HDAP Accomplishments, as of December 2018

Source: ARMM-RPDO using ARMM-HDAP raw data

Catching-up: Growth scenarios in the Bangsamoro

Note: Growth scenarios use ARMM as a proxy for Bangsamoro Autonomous Region due to data availability.

Source: ARMM-RPDO projections using PSA Regional Accounts and 2015 CPH